Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Engagement – Molly & Dennis

Molly and Dennis are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Molly has such a kind heart and has been so great to work with thus far.  Since booking their wedding a few months ago, I have received multiple emails full of kind words from Molly.  Although I haven’t known these two for very long, I can tell they are sincere, helpful, caring, and most of all appreciative.

Molly & Dennis have a few cute, albeit energetic kids (I met them at the initial consult).  Molly expressed that with the kids they haven’t had as much time to spend together.  So we made this shoot somewhat of a date for just the two of them.  Good times, great photos, and topped off the date with a carriage ride from the Hitching Company

Molly & Dennis…I’m truly looking forward to capturing your wedding day!  See you two in a few months!

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