Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Mississippi River Boat Cruise Wedding – Molly & Dennis

Molly and Dennis’ wedding was full of excitement and surprises.  Everything from hotel issues and construction to a complete downpour to a tornado warning during the wedding day (on a boat).  Molly did not let any of this stress her out.  We made it through and wedding turned out great!  Molly and Dennis are two of the nicest people you’ll meet.  They have been so appreciative with nice emails and letters to me after their booking and their engagement session.  Their wedding ceremony was held at Boom Island where we were greeted with quite a downpour.  For the reception, we sailed down the Mississippi River upon the Paradise Lady.  The weather cooperated for use throughout the evening till our return.  A Tornado warning was issued and we had spend a little extra time on the boat.   Molly and Dennis…Thanks so much for the exciting wedding day!  Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both!


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Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-20Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-1 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-2 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-3 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-4 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-5 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-6 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-7 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-8 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-9 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-10 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-11 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-12 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-13 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-14 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-15 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-16 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-17 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-18 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-19  Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-21 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-22 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-23 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-24 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-25 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-26 Mississippi-Boat-Cruise-Wedding-27

Be sure to click the link for a slideshow story of Molly and Dennis’ Wedding

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