Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Engagement – Melissa & Jeremy

I wanted to thank Facebook for introducing me to these two wonderful people!!! Melissa & Jeremy are a cute couple with a set of contagious laughs.  Not sure why laughter is contagious, but it certainly is.  I actually had moments during the session where I was unable to shoot because I “caught” their laughter.  I’m pretty sure Melissa smiles and laughs about 99.9% of the time.  Just for fun, take a look and see how many photos there are in which Melissa is smiling or laughing. Melissa and Jeremy, I cannot wait for their wedding day!!!MelissaJeremy-20 MelissaJeremy-36MelissaJeremy-37 MelissaJeremy-64 MelissaJeremy-99 MelissaJeremy-108 MelissaJeremy-125 MelissaJeremy-136 MelissaJeremy-141-Edit MelissaJeremy-172 MelissaJeremy-197 MelissaJeremy-223-Edit MelissaJeremy-241 MelissaJeremy-244 MelissaJeremy-248 MelissaJeremy-262 MelissaJeremy-306-Edit MelissaJeremy-343 MelissaJeremy-345 MelissaJeremy-362

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