Sarah & James Engagement Session – Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

This session had it all…tornado sirens, an Air Force uniform, and an extremely cute couple.  We braved the first day of cold weather here in Minnesota, but the that didn’t stop S+J from coming out for an engagement session.  We headed out to Medicine Lake for this session and had a great time.  S+J thanks for all the fun and I’m looking forward to your wedding next year!!

 SarahJames-2 SarahJames-15 SarahJames-32 SarahJames-57 SarahJames-104 SarahJames-135 SarahJames-207 SarahJames-255 SarahJames-261 SarahJames-308 SarahJames-309 SarahJames-314-2 SarahJames-332-Edit SarahJames-387 SarahJames-442 Love this shot!SarahJames-464 SarahJames-490 SarahJames-499-Edit SarahJames-530 SarahJames-549 SarahJames-552 SarahJames-575-Edit SarahJames-584 SarahJames-601 SarahJames-611 SarahJames-627 SarahJames-632-Edit

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