Matthew & Stephanie Engagement – Minneapolis Portrait/Wedding Photographer

Adorable couple…Matthew & Stephanie had been engaged for less than 24 hours when this engagement session was shot. They were just on cloud 9! The awesome was just pouring off them. So cute together and so natural. Nothing is more gratifying to me than capturing the love between two people. I think these photos sum up their love for one another. Thanks M+S, I had such a great time with you two.

StephanieMatthew-1 StephanieMatthew-5 StephanieMatthew-6 StephanieMatthew-19 StephanieMatthew-26 StephanieMatthew-29 StephanieMatthew-40 StephanieMatthew-56 StephanieMatthew-82 StephanieMatthew-100 StephanieMatthew-106 StephanieMatthew-121-Edit StephanieMatthew-154-Edit StephanieMatthew-178 StephanieMatthew-198 StephanieMatthew-204 StephanieMatthew-211-Edit StephanieMatthew-239 StephanieMatthew-301 StephanieMatthew-307


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