Matt & Melissa Engagement

Last week M+M has their engagement shoot. We had a great time. I always love doing engagement sessions as it gives me a chance to really get to know the couple before the wedding day. M+M were so fun to work with. It was definitely a memorable shoot.
I have a funny story to share. I shot a large part of the session in an alley way. While I was shooting, noticed a few people looking out their windows at me. I didn’t think much of this as people always seem to be curious about the way I make a fool of myself to get reactions. A few minutes later I heard someone tapping on the window directly to my left. I tried to ignore it for a minute or two, but eventually that tapping became frantic. So I turned to the window to see what was going on. To my surprise there were several large bumbs pasted to the window. It caught me totally off guard as I have never been mooned while photographing. Nevertheless, it was hilarious and made for a memorable shoot. Thanks M+M, I’m looking forward to your wedding in August.

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Available for photo sessions in Utah – May 2nd – 8th