Joe & Jenny – Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Holy Canoli, this was a fun wedding to photograph.  You may recognize this gorgeous couple from their below zero engagement session it was –5F.  Well Joe and Jenny were absolutely fantastic to work with. I felt like I was hanging out with old friends.  It was amazing.  I knew we were going to hit it off when I found out during their engagement session that they had similar music interests.  Always a PLUS!  The bridal party was so wonderful to work with and made me feel like one of the gang…thanks guys.  Jenny has just a very sweet soft smile that just about melts your face off and burns your eyes out.  I had so much fun working with you two!! Joe & Jenny, thanks for putting up with all my crazy ideas.   I wish you two the best together, you two are the epitome of cuterness when you’re together. 

Side note: Seriously one of the best, most entertaining ceremonies ever.  The pastor casually dropped a “that’s what she said” during the ceremony.  Even better, the best man lost $100 bet to the pastor because of it.  I was laughing so hard I had to stop for a second regain my composure.  

Ceremony: Grace Church in Roseville
Reception: Roseville Oval Center
Hair: Annie Faye from Lakeshore Barber Stylists
Flowers: Lexington Floral
Food: Lisa Stonehouse
Cake: Jan Balzer
Dress & Tuxes: The Wedding Shoppe

JoeJenny-387JoeJenny-12-Edit JoeJenny-31-Edit JoeJenny-93-Edit JoeJenny-103 JoeJenny-117 Such a cute moment after the first glance…Jenny showing off her dress to JoeJoeJenny-167-Edit JoeJenny-191 JoeJenny-209 So meet the amazing tree. Yes this thing is even cooler in person.  Felt like it was right off the set of Lord of the Rings!!JoeJenny-238-Edit JoeJenny-245 Well Hello Tree of Amazing JoeJenny-267-Edit JoeJenny-277 JoeJenny-305-Edit JoeJenny-320 JoeJenny-369  JoeJenny-391JoeJenny-420-EditWarning: Prolonged Exposure to the Image below may just fry your retinaJoeJenny-552-Edit JoeJenny-436 JoeJenny-463 JoeJenny-483 JoeJenny-515-Edit JoeJenny-523 JoeJenny-569 No Photoshop here, just some slow shutterspeeds and good ol’ fashioned funJoeJenny-593-Edit The cutest flower girls ever!!!!JoeJenny-606 JoeJenny-855 JoeJenny-1006-Edit JoeJenny-1031 JoeJenny-1062 JoeJenny-1067 JoeJenny-1204 JoeJenny-1229 JoeJenny-1393 JoeJenny-1500 Yes, those are computer speakers and mice tied to the backJoeJenny-1516 JoeJenny-1553JoeJenny-1561

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