Minnesota Anniversary Photography–Megan + Alex

Last year I photographed Megan and Alex’s wedding.  This year they brought me along for a one year anniversary session!  Megan and Alex wanted something a little different for this session.  These two are nerds…literally walking talking Big Bang Theory nerdery.  They are both ridiculously smart with backgrounds in chemistry and physics.  That said, they wanted to incorporate this detail into their session.  With permission, we photographed part of their session in the James J. Hill library.  Always so much fun to work with these two.  Megan has the most contagious laugh (see photos).  We ended their session with Punch PIzza (my favorite)! 

Megan and Alex – Happy Anniversary and Thanks again for the pizza!

You can see the entire event and order prints HERE.

James-J-Hill-Library-Session-1James-J-Hill-Library-Session-2James-J-Hill-Library-Session-3James-J-Hill-Library-Session-4James-J-Hill-Library-Session-5James-J-Hill-Library-Session-6James-J-Hill-Library-Session-7James-J-Hill-Library-Session-8James-J-Hill-Library-Session-9MeganAlex - OneYear-1037This was Megan and Alex’s photo inception.  They plan on taking of photo of a photo of a photo every anniversary!James-J-Hill-Library-Session-20James-J-Hill-Library-Session-10James-J-Hill-Library-Session-11James-J-Hill-Library-Session-12James-J-Hill-Library-Session-13James-J-Hill-Library-Session-14James-J-Hill-Library-Session-15James-J-Hill-Library-Session-16James-J-Hill-Library-Session-17James-J-Hill-Library-Session-18James-J-Hill-Library-Session-19

You can see the entire event and order prints HERE.

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