Frank & Kathy – Growing Young together…43 years and counting

I have been meaning post this shoot for some time now.  I was contacted a few months ago by one of my past clients…the Curtis Family about gifting a photo session to Adam’s parents.  Honestly, I thought it was a great idea, but was hesitant to shoot an “older” couple.  As many of you know that follow my work I really try to focus on capturing “love and emotion” between engaged and married couples.  As I drove up to Cambridge, MN to shoot this session in December, I tried to figure out in my mind how I would pull out emotion and love out of an “older” couple.  I wondered if a couple, having been married for 43 years, could really still be in love and show it.  My wife and I always talk about being really cute together as we grow older.  We want to be the “older” couple that still holds hands, kisses each other, and never stops to competing for the title of “I love you more”.

Well from the moment I met Frank and Kathy, I was convinced this couple was freshly engaged.  They were so cute together…it was unbelievable.  They set the bar very high for what Emily and I want after 43 years of marriage. They still have that “look” for each other…it’s evident by the way they hold hands and look at each other.  Frank and Kathy proved it’s possible to keep that “newlywed” love going strong.  Frank and Kathy had not had any professional photos since their wedding.  I was honored to capture these two!  I have no doubt that Frank and Kathy’s love has helped them grow young together…43 years and counting.  Enjoy!

BTW… I wanted to thank Kathy for treating Emily and I to some of the best chocolates and truffles that I have ever tasted!!!

North Branch MN Family Photography North Branch MN Family Photography St Paul MN Family Photography St Paul MN Family Photography St Paul MN Family Photographer St Paul MN Family Photography St Paul MN Family Photographers North Branch MN Couple Photography St Paul MN Couple Photography I just love this photo!Maplewood Family Photography My favorite shot is below.  Love the way they are laughing together. Maplewood Family Photography Maplewood Family Photography Maplewood Family Photography Artistic family photography in Minnesota Frank recently got added a new member of the family…his BobcatCambridge MN Family Photography

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