Jim & Elya Wedding – Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

J+E plus being cool = AWESOME!! Bridal Party + Super Cool Bridal Party = BONUS!! J+E were married up in Lino Lakes. The weather was perfect. J+E take the cake for having the best “First Time seeing each other” moment. BOTH of them cried, it was “lump in your throat” cute. E+J were so easy to work with and were up for anything. Elya didn’t even question when I had here hold her veil and stare up into the sun. Definitely a favorite bridal party. By the end of the day, I already knew everyone’s name and they were so much fun. E+J thanks for letting me capture your day!!! Best of Luck to you two!!!ElyaJim-56-Edit ElyaJim-100 ElyaJim-129 ElyaJim-164 ElyaJim-174 ElyaJim-185ElyaJim-431 ElyaJim-43ElyaJim-206 ElyaJim-439 ElyaJim-489 ElyaJim-573 ElyaJim-744-Edit ElyaJim-750 ElyaJim-779 ElyaJim-816-Edit ElyaJim-839-Edit ElyaJim-857 ElyaJim-899 ElyaJim-982 ElyaJim-986 ElyaJim-991 ElyaJim-997 ElyaJim-1012-Edit ElyaJim-1036 ElyaJim-1085 ElyaJim-1100 ElyaJim-1064

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