Eagan Family Photos – Kramer Family

I’ve known the Kramer family since before they were the Kramer family.  Some of our first friends in Minnesota.  Sadly, they left for residency in Buffalo but now four years have passed and they are officially back home.  It was so great to see them and photograph them on a perfect July evening.  Ryan, like myself, spends most of the time with the kids.  Our kids our both crazy about Frozen and so I think we can easily empathize with each other 🙂  These photos were fun to capture and I’m excited to share them! Welcome back guys!

You can see the entire event and order prints HERE


20140729-Kramer-Family-02 20140729-Kramer-Family-72 20140729-Kramer-Family-83-Edit 20140729-Kramer-Family-46 20140729-Kramer-Family-49-Edit 20140729-Kramer-Family-50-Edit 20140729-Kramer-Family-56-Edit 20140729-Kramer-Family-69-Edit 20140729-Kramer-Family-45 20140729-Kramer-Family-40 20140729-Kramer-Family-38 20140729-Kramer-Family-34 20140729-Kramer-Family-29 20140729-Kramer-Family-24 20140729-Kramer-Family-20 20140729-Kramer-Family-18 20140729-Kramer-Family-15 20140729-Kramer-Family-11

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