2010–Best Couples Sessions

During 2010 I had the chance to photograph some amazing couples.  Couples sessions might very well be my favorite thing to photograph.  The appeal of photographing couples before their wedding day is two-fold.  First, I love building rapport with clients and second, I love taking artistic and unique photos to illustrate the love between two people.  From the start, I like to educate my client that an engagement session is not a chance to…”go to the local park wearing matching green polo shirts and khaki pants” for photos.  I don’t want my couples to stand stiffly and pose with plastic smiles as I snap pictures of them.  I encourage my clients to brainstorm locations that fit their personality.  I want the session to be a memorable event during the wedding process.  The whole goal of this session is to capture the relationship of two people.  I look forward to more couples sessions during 2011, but here’s a look at some of my favorite images from 2010…

Out of curiosity….does anyone have a favorite?




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2010–Best Of Portraits