Moundsview Senior Photographer – Sneak Peek

Got out early yesterday morning for a 7am Senior shoot.  Jennie is another one of the Senior Reps for 2011 for John Sharpe Photography.  So excited to show you the rest of the session…coming soon with frogs, lush forests, ballet, and downright awesome photos.  For now, here is a one shot preview!

Burnsville High School Senior Photography – Cam

Meet Cam…he’s one of John Sharpe Photography’s 2010 Senior Reps.  We shot his session this past week and this kid has a very bright future ahead.  Maybe, I shouldn’t call him a kid…Cam is 6’-6” and 225lbs.  My only regret for this shoot was that I didn’t bring my step ladder. Cam is the starting […]

St Paul Senior Photographer – Sneak Peek!

Just had to make a quick blog post tonight.  Cam is one of the 2011 Senior Reps for John Sharpe Photography. His rep session was shot tonight and I’m pretty stoked about the images.  More coming soon.

St Paul Senior Photography – Arthur

Meet Arthur. He’s into debate and soccer.  He’s a very smart kid and is looking to attend Penn State or Dartmouth.  His mom scheduled this shoot for him even though he doesn’t graduate till 2012.  We’ll call this a practice run 😉  Nevertheless, it was a great shoot!

Minneapolis Senior Photographer – Call for Senior Reps

John Sharpe Photography is looking for a senior rep from each local high school to help promote senior portraits.  JSP seeks to provide you with just plain awesome photos.  None of the traditional 1,2,3 Cheese and Smile photos.  JSP despises this.  We want you to have fun and truly bring out your personality in your […]

Minneapolis Portrait Photographer – Dave Jackson Workshop

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend Dave Jackson’s “Breaking the Rules Workshop”.  This workshop flat out rocked.  If you are not familiar with Dave’s work, I suggest you go take a look. Dave is a genuine good guy who loves photography and loves helping others.  I was really impressed with his […]

Brian – Minneapolis Portrait Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph Brian in St Paul.  His family are good friends of ours.  Brian’s mom wanted to capture some photos of him as he is preparing to serve a  2 year mission for the LDS church.  This session was a fun change of pace.  Brian is a great guy and no […]

Lindsay – High School Senior Session

I’m in Utah this week visiting family. As many of you already know, my Dad is a professional photographer and has greatly influenced me. Yesterday, I followed him down to the studio for a Senior session. It was fun to tag-a-long. He shot indoors in the studio and then we went outside for some shots. […]

Amanda – Senior Shoot

I was lucky enough to take my little niece’s Senior pictures while I was in Utah this past week. Thanks Amanda… I had a blast! Here are a couple of the numerous amazing shots: To view the rest of Amanda’s pictures, click here.


I had a wonderful High School Senior session with Sara (spelling?). Sara said she’s a little shy and didn’t like taking photographs. We had a great time and the camera really loves her! Thanks Sara and Jennifer!Here is the preview…more on the way soon!Click here to view the whole event.