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Last month I traveled to Chicago to photograph Heather and Tobin’s wedding.  On any given, Heather and Tobin are two of the most smiley people I’ve ever met (I learned this at their engagement session).  However, on their wedding day, their characteristic of laughing and smiling was amplified times a 1000!!!  It was great to see how happy they were on their wedding day (just take a look at the photos for proof). 

Their wedding day began with a ton of rain, thunder, and lightning, but the rain ceased and we had great weather for the remainder of the day. Their wedding was held at the historic Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst, IL.  This beautiful mansion was perfect for their wedding day. We were able to take so many photos in and around the mansion. 

This may sound cliché, but Heather and Tobin and perfect for each other.  There is a look in both of their eyes when they’re together that is something very special! Heather and Tobin, I wish you two the best in this new adventure!!!!


Click the link for a slideshow story of Heather & Tobin’s Wedding


Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-39Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-1 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-2 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-3 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-40Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-4 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-41Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-5 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-6 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-7 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-8 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-9 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-10 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-11 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-12 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-13 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-14  Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-16 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-17 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-18 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-19 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-20 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-21 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-22 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-23 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-24 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-25 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-26 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-27 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-28 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-29 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-30 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-31 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-42Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-32 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-33 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-34 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-35 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-36 Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-37 Midway through Heather and Tobin’s dance, they broke out with some music from Black Eyed Peas.Wilder-Mansion-Elmhurst-Wedding-38

For more photos…Click the link for a slideshow story of Heather & Tobin’s Wedding


  1. Lynn Zook
    October 12, 2010

    Dear John,

    All the Zook family is so blessed by your incredible photography talent! What beautiful memories you have blessed us with for many years to come! We are so grateful!

    Each picture is a work of art, and of course, we love the subject matter! Heather and Toby are so in love and you captured their special day beautifully!

    Thank you so much for making our day today! We are glued to our computers and looking at every picture of the slide show over and over!

    Lynn Zook

    (Mother of the groom and proud mom of a precious brand-new daughter,Heather!)

  2. Heather Zook
    October 13, 2010

    John, thank you so much for posting these! I LOVE love love the slideshow. You did a fantastic job, and I’m so glad we picked you for our wedding!!


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