Watch Her Grow–Part 4

While in Utah for Thanksgiving, my dad lent me one of his old Hasselblad cameras to shoot more of Em’s “Watch Her Grow” photos.  This camera is built like a cube of lead.  I shot the following images using a Hasselblad 500C with an 80mm f/2.8 lens.  I ended up shooting a roll of B&W TMAX 400 C-41 film that expired in 1999! Consequently, these images are a bit flatter than I would have liked.  I’ll be sure to throw some better film in the next shoot!  Nevertheless, I loved shooting the square format and look forward to shooting more with this camera.

Here is my dad’s original Hasselblad with the original case.


Here’s my gorgeous wife at 34 weeks (btw, I have color images of this shoot too and they just knocked my socks off…will share tomorrow).

34 Weeks




  1. Kristen Drufke
    January 27, 2011

    Can I please have a camera just like that of my very own?? Please? That is one of the coolest cameras ever! And of course the shots of your wife are gorgeous!


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