Maternity Photos Rochester MN – 36 Weeks

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Maternity Photos Rochester MN – 36 Weeks

We are approaching the arrival of our second child, a BOY!  At 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I finally decided to pull out the camera and photograph my wife!  During my wife’s first pregnancy, I was very diligent about photographing her.  We had numerous photo sessions with my “Watch Her Grow” series and planned […]

Watch her Grow–The finale

During the past year as Emily was pregnant, I began a series of photos called “Watch Her Grow”.  The watch her grow series were images taken weekly of my wife’s pregnancy. The majority of the project was shot on film.  Although I generally do not shoot film for client work, I love film.  I love […]

Drumroll Please…

After 17 hours of labor, our precious baby girl has finally arrived.  Emily is doing great and so is our baby girl.  Even though I’m big fainter, I had absolutely no problems helping with the delivery and cutting the umbilical cord, it was amazing!!  During the course of the entire pregnancy, we have found it […]

Watch Her Grow–Part 6

I cannot believe we have just a couple weeks left till the baby comes.  It’s been exciting seeing Emily’s belly literally morph as the baby moves.  Emily have been the best prego mom-to-be, she has been working so hard lately, but still has the “motherly” glow about her (hopefully I captured that in the images […]

Watch her Grow–Part 5

I remember when we first found out Emily was pregnant and due February 17.  As a photographer, my firsts two thoughts were…”Crap” that is the week of WPPI (a big wedding photographer convention and my favorite week of the year) and “Shoot” how am I going to shoot Em’s maternity photos in the winter?  I […]

Watch Her Grow–Part 4

While in Utah for Thanksgiving, my dad lent me one of his old Hasselblad cameras to shoot more of Em’s “Watch Her Grow” photos.  This camera is built like a cube of lead.  I shot the following images using a Hasselblad 500C with an 80mm f/2.8 lens.  I ended up shooting a roll of B&W […]

Watch Her Grow–Part 3

It’s been awhile since the last “Watch Her Grow” post…it’s been a month!! We’re down to the final 7 1/2 weeks till the big day!!! Our little girl has been kicking away and is doing great! It is almost unreal to see how quickly Emily has been growing her baby bump! This has been such […]

Watch Her Grow – Part 2

This past week, I took Emily out for another maternity shoot.  I wanted to mix things up this time around by shooting the session on film.  I have been so giddy all week waiting to see these photos and I’m just in love with what we got.  For anyone wondering, these were shot on my […]

Watch Her Grow–Part 1

I have had several people on Facebook, email, and family back home ask when I was going to post some images of Emily.  Well the truth is…even though she’s now 26 weeks, she didn’t really start showing till very recently.  But now she is a growing almost daily it seems. It’s really been a pretty […]