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I’ve been so excited to feature this family on the blog.  After booking Amanda & Tait’s wedding, Deanna (Tait’s Sister-in-law) contacted me about doing family pictures.  This was a great opportunity because these two adorable kids seen below are going to be the flower girl and ring bearer for Amanda & Tait’s wedding.  We took these photos on the peak autumn weekend.  The leaves were unbelievable in St Paul.  It took a little bit of time for the kids to warm up to me….but they did.  Thanks so much for the fun afternoon Lillemoe family!!!  Enjoy!!!

This photo makes me happy as you can see…someone is missing her two front teeth!!LillemoeFamily-24 LillemoeFamily-54 LillemoeFamily-72These two had me laughing all along…can you see why?  LillemoeFamily-90-Edit Someone didn’t want her photo taken 😉LillemoeFamily-108 LillemoeFamily-122-Edit Love this!LillemoeFamily-167-Edit LillemoeFamily-200 LillemoeFamily-206  LillemoeFamily-284Isn’t she adorable? LillemoeFamily-278 LillemoeFamily-265LillemoeFamily-253 LillemoeFamily-336 LillemoeFamily-341 LillemoeFamily-364 LillemoeFamily-384 LillemoeFamily-438 LillemoeFamily-446 Love this photo…Arden is laughing so hard at them kissing and it shows!!!!LillemoeFamily-459-Edit LillemoeFamily-484 One of my favorites of the day…Look at the colors!!!LillemoeFamily-525 This deserves to be enlarged…CANVAS alert!LillemoeFamily-538-Edit-Edit


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