It’s Already Been a Year!!

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It was a year ago today that my destined career path changed and I took the photography business full-time.  Rewind back nearly six years ago, while still in college, I accepted a position with one of the Big 4 accounting firms – Deloitte and Touche.  At that time, I was near certain I had found my chosen career path.  Having already completed a 3 month internship in San Francisco with another firm, I had determined I wanted to take the “partner track” through the firm and have a very long and successful career.

Fast forward to today and Wow things have changed for me.  I left the corporate world almost exactly a year ago today.  So much has changed for me during this time… I saw the business grow to a new level, I became a dad, and I learned that running your own business requires a lot of work!  It has not been easy, but it sure has been amazing.  My past career life has faded to the back of my mind and seems like a dream.  It no longer seems strange to respond “I’m self-employed”.  Running my own business has been no piece of cake, I’ve put in many more hours than I would have ever expected.  However, I no longer feel an emptiness that I’m not following my dream.   The business is growing and for that I’m so grateful!

I no longer consider myself “Tied Down”. I truly believe that life is way too short to not follow your passion!  I’m feel so blessed to be doing what I love!  Thanks for the support from family and friends and of course my SUPER-SUPPORTIVE Wife!  Looking forward to the future of this business.

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  1. Amy
    May 10, 2011

    So amazing to see your business take off and everything work out!

  2. Vil
    May 11, 2011

    So exciting for you and your business growing up! Sure, thank you for your help!


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