Eliza–Baby Hats

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A couple months ago, my mom came to visit Eliza for a week.  During this time, my mother crocheted a bunch of cute hats for Eliza.  I finally got around to photographing her with them.  These might be some of my favorite Eliza photos so far.  Last night, I asked Emily, “Why is Eliza so stinking cute? She is waaaay cuter than us”.  I don’t know where exactly she got all that cuteness, but I’m so grateful for that little girl. We are blessed.

crocheted baby hats-3

crocheted baby hats-7crocheted baby hats-6crocheted baby hats-5crocheted baby hats-4crocheted baby hatscrocheted baby hats-2


  1. Glenda
    November 9, 2011

    LOL, I always thought that about my kids too! LOVE those adorable hats they just completely suit her beautiful, round little face!!

  2. Alena Scott
    November 11, 2011

    She is completely adorable, very innocent and sweet…And those hats look too cute on her…


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