2010–Best of Weddings

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After culling through these images over and over, I had a hard time narrowing down to the photos below.  As a wedding photographer, I love everything that takes place on a couple’s special day.  I find myself getting emotionally attached to the stories created by my photos.  For the most part, all weddings have the same flow and are generally the same.  What I LOVE about weddings is that even though they are often EXACTLY the same, there are very special moments that emerge to make each and every wedding unique.  I LOVE the little unexpected surprises that happen throughout the day.  Whether it is the father’s reaction to giving away his daughter or the excitement of a bride and groom seeing each other for the first time…capturing these moments for my clients is so rewarding!!!

I LOVE shooting weddings…here are some of my favorite moments of 2010… AdrienneAaron1350AdrienneAaron1616AndersenWedding-1575Bartlett1042Bartlett1137BourqueWedding1477BriMike1556CagleWedding1311CagleWedding1383ColleenAndy1099ColleenAndy1183ColleenAndy1548DaveJessica1134DaveJessica1163DaveJessica1502DetermanWedding1512GregSarah1294GregSarah1340JessicaBrett1100JessicaBrett1484JohnsonWedding-1142JohnsonWedding-1344JohnsonWedding-1462JohnsonWedding-1489KellyBrady1115KellyCollin1095KellyCollin1243KellyFred1051KellyFred1310KellyFred1338KellyJason1090KellyJason1250KristenEvan1078KristenEvan1166KristenEvan1226KristenEvan1422KristenEvan1576LenaChris1131LenaChris1358LenaChris1365LenaChris1425MikeNikki1007MikeNikki1157MikeNikki1277ShannonDerek1092ShannonDerek1405ShannonDerek1463


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  2. Joe Federer
    January 27, 2011

    Amazing stuff – my favs (in no particular order) are
    Cagle1383 is just so epic
    JessicaAndBrett1484 — heeeelarious!
    KristinEven1166 feels like the Godfather after everyone took youth tonic.
    and the MikeNikki1277 shot is probably one of the best bridal shots I’ve ever seen. Really outstanding stuff.

    Here’s to a great 2011!


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